KISS guitarist / vocalist Paul Stanley has finally penned his official autobiography. 'Face the Music: A Life Exposed' will see an April 22 release, and along with plenty of triumphant stories of rock stardom, Stanley addresses his struggles with Grade 3 Microtia and deafness in his right ear.

Out of the original KISS lineup, Paul Stanley is the final member to release his personal memoir. KISS' 'Starchild' will finally have his say on print, but promises the book won't simply be a piece of narcissism. "I think I took a tact different than a lot of these books," Stanley tells The Pulse of Radio. "Y'know, rock n' roll autobiographies tend to be a love letter — to the author. And they tend to be about how smart and creative and how this person was responsible for the creation of the world. And if that were the tact for the book, I never would've written the book."

Stanley's Grade 3 Microtia, which is defined as "an absence of the external ear with a small peanut-like vestige structure and an absence of the external ear canal and ear drum," is also addressed in the memoir.

"My book is about my life starting from the very beginning and certainly a certain amount of adversity and having a birth defect and being deaf on one side and the family that I came from," says Stanley. "Certainly people have had more adversity in their lives — and some less — but I, I would think some people would get a certain amount of inspiration and a sense that positivity and belief in yourself will ultimately lead you to a great place." [via Blabbermouth]

'Face the Music: A Life Exposed' will hit bookshelves on April 22. To pre-order the autobiography, click here.