KISS put out an album called 'Psycho Circus,' but could it be that title may have also inspired a shelved Folgers coffee commercial starring singer-guitarist Paul Stanley? In this newly unearthed commercial, the 'Starchild' sings a unique take on the company's well known jingle while trapeze artists defy death from above.

If you think about it, coffee only makes the trapeze performance more impressive. Along with gravity, the trapeze artists must fight the forces of uncontrollable caffeine shakes and overactive bowels to complete their act!

Anyway, Paul Stanley is hanging out in a circus tent for some reason while a cup of Folgers soothes his vocal cords. And thank god for that, because otherwise we wouldn't be treated to lyrics like, "This is your wakeup call / Time to reach, go for it all / Folgers stirs inside of me / And I know what I can be / Limit is the sky / Hey world, watch me fly."

To add that extra little bit of bravado, Paul Stanley even adds a dramatic head twitch while completing the song with Folgers' classic catchphrase. Finally, with a flamboyant matador pose, Stanley vanishes from the frame.

The Folgers ad never actually made it to air, but thanks to the internet, the clip will live for eternity. In an October 2000 interview, Stanley actually spoke about filming the commercial. “Life is strange!" Stanley said. "I got a call asking if I was interested in singing a Folgers commercial. And like many other things, I thought ‘Why not?’ I wasn’t at all concerned with who thinks it is OK or not OK, cool, not cool, rock ‘n’ roll or not. I had a blast doing it and like I said, isn’t that what this is all about?” [via KISSanity]

Once the Folgers commercial started making the rounds online over the weekend, longtime 'Monk' writer / executive producer and music video director Tom Scharpling actually claimed to have written and directed the ad:

Since there's literally no reason why anyone would take credit for this commercial, we're inclined to take Scharpling at his word. Check out Paul Stanley's shining moment in the video above!

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