What past decision would you do over if you could? That's the premise of Loudwire's "Do Over" series, which has included some pretty harrowing moments for some of your favorite rock stars. Kittie's Mercedes and Morgan Lander and former bassist Jen Arroyo recently shared their "Do Over" moment, which centered on a wrong turn that their bus took, resulting in an unintended trip to Mexico.

As the ladies tell it, they awoke one morning to the surprise of finding their tour bus heading toward the Mexican border when they were supposedly heading to Corpus Christi, Texas. While they had no issue crossing into Mexico, they ran into all sorts of trouble returning back into the United States.

"We're starting to sweat a little bit because we can't find our Visas," recalls drummer Mercedes Lander. Meanwhile, Arroyo recalls, "I was very aware of a procurement we had made the night before, possibly about a pound of marijuana."

During this particular incident, Morgan Lander recalls, that she and her sister Mercedes were pulled off the bus because of their Canadian citizenship while Arroyo was allowed to remain on board.

"They dragged them like they were war criminals," recalls Arroyo. While they were questioned, border agents rummaged through the bus.

"They threw our dirty underwear everywhere and probably sniffed it, maybe took a bite out of the crotch, and then after that it was like, 'Okay, get back on the bus,' after being violated," says Mercedes Lander. And what of that marijuana? Watch the video to find out.

Watch the ladies of Kittie recall the wrong turn they never wanted to take in the "Do Over" video above and pick up their Origins / Evolutions career-spanning documentary here.

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