You should definitely crank up the volume for this! Kix are getting ready to release their first studio album in nearly 20 years and they're exclusively teaming with Loudwire to stream their appropriately titled new studio album, 'Rock Your Face Off.'

While the band has been back rocking concert stages over the past few years, they eventually headed into the studio to record their first disc since 1995's '$how Bu$ine$$.'

"It all just really came slowly and it was never really an intentional or a conscious effort from the first time we got together," frontman Steve Whiteman tells Loudwire. "It was time to try so we worked really hard on it and we are all really pretty proud of it at this point."

The disc includes the recently released single 'Love Me With Your Top Down,' a full on rocker with an infectious quality. Whiteman says, "It had such a great hook. It was a no brainer … That was almost a last minute thought for that song, but what a great contribution to the record."

Other standouts include the foot-stomping title track, the bluesy rock of 'All the Right Things' and their recent show-opening song 'Can't Stop the Show.' Take a listen to the full album stream below.

And if you like what you hear, Kix's 'Rock Your Face Off' is currently available at Amazon and iTunes. And look for the veteran rockers on tour at these locations. Stay tuned for our full interview with Kix's Steve Whiteman, coming soon.

This stream has officially ended.