Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has commented on Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne’s criticism of the film Montage of Heck. Osborne called the Kurt Cobain documentary 90 percent bulls—t, but Novoselic has brushed it off as, “That’s just Buzz.”

With its storytelling apt, voice recordings of Kurt Cobain and gripping animation, Montage of Heck was a big success for filmmaker Brett Morgen. According to Buzz Osborne, who was a major influence and friend to Cobain, the film should not be trusted as pure fact. “First off, people need to understand that 90 percent of Montage of Heck is bulls–t. Total bulls–t,” Osborne said. “That’s the one thing no one gets about Cobain — he was a master of jerking your chain.” He continued by devaluing certain Cobain stories told in the film, like Cobain’s attempt to have sex with a mentally challenged girl before going to the train tracks in an attempt to commit suicide.

Novoselic isn’t phased by Buzz’s comment’s, though, as he conveyed to Rolling Stone. "That's just Buzz. He's always been like that, but we love him so we just accept him for that,” says Krist. “He's always had these opinions. Like, 'Oh, there goes Buzz again.' You never know what he's gonna say, but he means well, and he's a great musician. He's been a dear friend for a long time. That's the way it is."

Novoselic even recorded a new song with Buzz for Melvins’ upcoming album, Basses Loaded, which is due out in June. Fans will be able to hear Novoselic play bass and accordion on the track “Maybe I Am Amused.” "It's a really great track," Osborne told Rolling Stone. "It's different than pretty much anything we would have done. Really cool. I would love to work more with him.”

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