What were Kurt Cobain's final wishes? A portion of his will is featured in the upcoming Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary and as expected, it details what he wanted to happen for his daughter Frances Bean Cobain in the event of his passing.

The will is well thought out, not only naming Courtney Love as the primary guardian of young Frances, but also offering a succession of potential guardians should it be needed. Alternative Nation transcribed the portion of the will that appears in the film and it reads as follows:

I Kurt Donald Cobain, being of sound mind hereby state my last will and testimony.
Custody of my daughter Frances B Cobain goes to Courtney Cobain (my wife, and in the event of her death, Frances’ custody goes to Danny Goldberg and Rosemary Carroll of Los Angeles CA. If they decline, Frances’ custody will go to my sister Kimberly Cobain of Seattle WA. It is against our will to have France’s custody to be turned over to Kurts father Don Cobain or Courtney’s mother…

In addition, a few other snippets of material from the Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary have surfaced online, as well. The first finds the Nirvana vocalist doing his best bathroom impression of fellow Seattle rockers Soundgarden as he sings "Outshined" into his razorblade as Courtney Love looks on.

The second new video finds Courtney Love reading Nirvana hate mail as Cobain, wearing a Hitler mustache and a dress while mocking the letter, looks on. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, another scene, not shown here, finds Cobain mocking his own drug use and taking a few shots at Guns N' Roses, whom he feuded with in the early '90s. In the scene, Cobain sarcastically shakes while he jokes, "At the height of their drug abuse. Damn, if I wasn't so needle sick, I'd be on tour with Guns N' Roses right now. Me and Axl would be whooping it up, snake dancing, but I'm too g--damn needle sick."

There's a few other shots at GN'R in the film, as Alternative Nation reports that one finds Cobain mockingly answering a question about why he's so good by stating, "Because I know how to use my illusion." Meanwhile, another scene finds Cobain talking to his infant daughter and affecting a gruff voice stating, "Nirvana, who the f--k do you think you are? Seeing your interviews makes me think you guys are the most immature pieces of trash ever made. If you a--holes could ever write anything that could close to anything Guns N' Roses have written, maybe you could talk. But until you sell a few billion more albums, take your head out of your asses, and smell the air.”

The Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary is set to premiere May 4 on HBO.

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