Kyng debuted their 'Burn the Serum' single 'Electric Halo' here at Loudwire back in February and now there's an electrifying new video companion for the song.

The clip centers on a charlatan evangelist who rallies his congregation with strong words while a bright halo is illuminated over his head. Unbeknownst to the congregation but fully visible to the viewer, the halo is but a prop that is helping the evangelist pull his con. But once he gets a little too enthusiastic in his preaching, the falsity is revealed.

Kyng, meanwhile, appear as the band playing at the side of the stage during this demonstration, watching on as the full production and downfall takes place. And let's just say a few angry audience members isn't the biggest price this charlatan will pay for his deception. Watch the end results in the video above.

'Electric Halo' is featured on Kyng's well-received 'Burn the Serum' album. The disc also generated the preview track 'Faraway' as well. Those interested in picking up the disc can find a variety of standard and bundle options available at the band's merchandise site. Kyng are currently on tour, with dates lined up through the end of May. For ticketing and venue info, check here.