Rock trio Kyng took the rock world by storm with their 2011 debut album ‘Trampled Sun,’ and now they are going to take eardrums for a ride once again with their forthcoming disc, tentatively titled ‘Burning the Serum,’ which is set for an early 2014 release.

During their recent stop in New York City as support on the Hellpop Tour with In This Moment, we sat down for an interview with bassist Tony Castaneda and scored an extra treat when vocalist Eddie Veliz crashed the interview. They shared their enthusiasm for the new album, as well as their new label home at Razor & Tie. These road warriors also talked about touring, major influences that they have gone out on the road with and much more. Check out our interview with two-thirds of Kyng below:

‘Trampled Sun’ was an amazing debut disc. What can you tell us about progress on new album?

Tony Castaneda: Progress is going great. We are actually completely finished with the album. Everything is ready to go, we’re just working on artwork right now and hopefully we’ll release it by January or February. We’re excited, we really think people are going to dig it.

When can us fans expect on the new record?

TC: A lot of what we do normally, which is a little bit of everything. It’s a bit of an evolution, I think we’re growing as a band and as musicians and it shows on the next album.

Congratulations on signing with Razor & Tie. What made Razor & Tie a good fit for Kyng?

TC: Thank you, I think what sold it for us is how much they believe in the band. This is something that’s very important to us, we don’t want to be one of many bands and if we are going to be one of many bands we’re going to make sure that we’re being paid attention to and not left on the backburner. We had a meeting with them and we were sold on that meeting. There were a lot of potential plans to sign with them and we liked what we heard. They were all about the band and just want to take us---

Eddie Veliz: What the f--- is this s---? You doing this interview behind my back? Not even a, “Hey, you want to do the interview?” I didn’t get a text. Mr. Serious Interview over here.

Well, park it then. We’re talking about the new album and signing with Razor & Tie, so what was it about this label that you were sold on, Eddie?

EV: It was just a better fit, it was a family vibe. People that we worked with and who were close to us were already working with them. We were in good company already.

What about who you guys are as a musicians and people can we hear on the upcoming record.

EV: Well if you recall on the first album, it was separated. We had certain songs that were rock songs, then thrash songs and everything was pulled apart. We did what we wanted and on this one we did the same but it’s a bit more refined. It’s a funny discussion that we always have with each other like, “Man, this album is so much heavier than the first album. It is but is it?” It’s confusing for a sec but it is because the riffs are stomping, there are some big riffs in there.

We have a song in there that’s called ‘Big Ugly Me’ and it’s basically a thrash tune but there are vocals on it with two part harmonies. So there’s a lot more heaviness with melodic vocals on top of it.

TC: Sort of like ‘Shorelines,’ if I were to compare it to another song. The vocals are much different to what the music is.

Talk about the drum head designs, what inspires this and who creates them?

TC: Eddie does, he just gets bored and he starts doodling. He went from doodling on a piece of paper to drum heads.

I’ve seen you guys with such a wide range of bands, what band that you’ve toured with left a long lasting impact on you?

TC: Megadeth, for sure, and Clutch.

EV: Yeah, Megadeth and Clutch are two bands that we can’t wait to go back out on tour with. They’re just cool people, from their crew to the guys in the band, you couldn’t beat it. We love the guys from Clutch, they’ve been somewhat of a mentor and we look to them like, “Well Clutch is doing this and how do they do that?” We try to go off of their template a little bit.

Dave Mustaine and the Megadeth run, he was so rad to us and super cool to the point where any one of us could text him at this moment and he’ll text back. He’s just on our side and wants to help us and if we have any questions he’s just like, “Call me and I’ll help.” That’s crazy, where else can you get that?

You guys are still trekking around in the van, right? What’s the weirdest thing about that experience?

TC: I can say what the s---tiest part of trekking around in the van is not being able to pee right away. You put your shoes on, find a coat, beanie whatever then you have to climb over these dudes and keep quiet. [Laughs] Sometimes the door’s locked so you have to lean over to the front door and unlock it, it’s a whole process.