Here are the least played songs live off every Slayer album.

With a total of 12 studio albums and one EP to their name (just counting original material only, not the Diabolus in Musica covers album, though there is one original track on there), Slayer have had a lot of material to work with and, with so many hits and fan favorites, the setlists leave little wiggle room for some of the hidden gems and deep cuts.

So often, a tour in support of a new album is the one and only chance for fans to hear particular songs live. As a band's career progresses, newer material tends to stick around less in the set, but there are still plenty of late-career essentials.

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Below, we've rounded up the rarest of the rare — the songs you were least likely to hear at a Slayer show.

Can you believe there are two songs off the same album that were only ever played live once?! On the opposite end, one of the least played songs from a release was performed over 100 times!

See them all.

The Least Played Song Live Off Every Slayer Album

There's two songs on one album that were only played live once!

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

The Most Played Song Live Off Every Slayer Album

And these songs will stay that way unless Slayer ever come out of retirement.

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Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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