Founding Tool bassist Paul D'Amour has just released the single 'Intercession' from his new band Lesser Key. The group is scheduled to release their debut EP in late 2013 via Sumerian Records.

Paul D'Amour left Tool in 1995 shortly before the release of the band's phenomenal 1996 full-length, 'Ænima.' D'Amour reportedly exited Tool amicably, going on to form psychedelic pop band Lusk. The band only released one album, 'Free Mars.' The bassist also played with cover band the Replicants, who released one album in 1995. Since then, D'Amour has been relatively quiet while creating music under the name of Feersum Ennjin, but Lesser Key may very well change that.

The inaugural Lesser Key, 'Intercession,' flows in a similar vein to Tool's early work; the intro sounding somewhat similar to Tool's 'Sober.' Despite the similarities to bands such as Tool and Deftones, 'Intercession' is pretty damn good in its own right, as is the track's music video. There's a bit of nudity that makes the 'Intercession' video NSFW, but it's nothing your wife or girlfriend will get pissed off at if she catches you watching it.

"It is exciting working with a label like Sumerian because they are willing to try new things," Lesser Key write in an official statement. "Most of the bands they choose to work with usually have a different flavor or progressive element to them that's not typical of other bands. We are excited to add to the diversity of the roster with our artistry and music."

Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen also had kind words to share. "Lesser Key's songwriting and passion for their craft immediately mesmerized me upon discovering them Rock music needs a band like this right now: a hypnotic candle amidst neon lights."

Check out Lesser Key's new music video for 'Intercession' above and stay tuned for more info on the band's debut EP.

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