For years, we've enjoyed the video work of Linkin Park's Joe Hahn as he's created some of the more memorable clips in the rock genre. Now, Hahn is taking the next logical step, directing his first feature film. On Tuesday (Oct. 14) in Los Angeles, Hahn, a few of his Linkin Park bandmates as well as several key players in the 'Mall' film were on hand for its premiere at the Red Bull offices in Los Angeles.

The film is a bit of a psychological study as the lives of several Los Angeles suburbanites undergo a significant jolt over the course of a day surrounding the events of a mall shooting. Cameron Monaghan, Vincent D'Onofrio, Gina Gershon and Gbenga Akinnagbe see their fates play out after a disturbed killer (James Frecheville) decides to take out his frustrations through a violent act at a shopping mall.

As the film's tagline states, "From noise comes chaos," and there's definitely some chaotic moments from the film's central and side players showing some rather primal behavior before the movie reaches its final conclusion. There are those who come out of the experience with transformative revelations while others continue their path in life.

Hahn said in a Q&A after the screening that he was immediately attracted to the script and couldn't put it down upon reading it. He added that he was drawn to the honesty of the perspective of life of the characters.

Meanwhile, Hahn turned the film into a family affair with the effective use of a Linkin Park aided soundtrack. Mike Shinoda, who along with Hahn, Chester Bennington and Dave Farrell lent a hand in the film's musical composition, revealed during the Q&A that Hahn had handpicked five to 10 demos from the band's history as a starting point. He called the cuts "raw, stream of consciousness" pieces of work that the Linkin Park members, with the help of Alec Puro, then saw through to fruition. The Linkin Park musical addition very much compliments the film and is not overdone, serving and even enhancing the action on screen properly.

'Mall' opens in limited release this Friday (Oct. 17), and will also hit digital platforms, as well. Check your local theater listings for screenings. For more info, visit the film's official website.

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