Linkin Park may have built it all, just to burn it back down with their lead single from the 'Living Things' album, but out of the ashes of 'Burn It Down' remains the flickering, echoing synth work driving the sound of 'Lost in the Echo,' their latest single from the album.

The group recently teased the release with a new lyric video for the album opener, and have made good on the promise by making it the official second single from the disc (even though 'Lies Greed Misery' did get some pre-album release play and buzz).

'Lost in the Echo' takes on a darker tone for Linkin Park as some of the 'Burn It Down' synth elements evolveinto a much more forceful sound that evokes visions of a dark forest scene.

Once again, the vocal duties are split between main men Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington, with Shinoda's quick fire pacing and Bennington's range of melodic to screaming replicating what they've done well in the past.

Shinoda takes the lead for most of the song with his rapping style, exclaiming, "So hollow / So vicious / So afraid I couldn't let myself see," while telling the tale of a relationship grown sour.

Meanwhile, Bennington drives home the point with his melodic chorus. In it, he delivers with emotional charge, "In these promises broken / Deep below / Each word gets lost in the echo / So one last lie / I can see through / This time I finally let you go, go go."

"Promises broken" is a theme that recurs several times within the 'Living Things' run, but definitely sells the point of the track here rather than building the scene.

For fans of Linkin Park, the song fits right in with what they've done in the past, and with the keyboard work, it shows hints of where they're heading for the rest of the disc.

Listen to Linkin Park's 'Lost in the Echo'