It's been a busy week for Linkin Park, who are making sure their fans have plenty of treats to keep themselves occupied prior to the release of the band's upcoming album, 'Living Things' (due June 26).

The highly anticipated video for the disc's first single 'Burn It Down' has finally premiered. The clip has the band's DJ, Joe Hahn, once again doing double duty, serving as director for the video as well as appearing in it. The video is a not-so-standard performance piece with the band members in a sweltering room seemingly filled with light and energy that only intensifies as the video progresses.

Singer Chester Bennington tells MTV News that it was a standard Hahn shoot in which he once again gets put through the ringer. He laughs, "For whatever reason, I usually get it the worst. I've almost drowned, I had all this powder thrown in my face … and on this new one, I was sweating like crazy. It was intense." Hahn says however that going to extremes is what's made them successful. "We're all passionate people," he replies. "I have to take the director's seat and be the in-between. And the thing I figured out is no matter what, they're going to complain."

But the video, posted below, is just the latest thing to come from the band this week. Late Thursday, the group also let another song from the 'Living Things' album out via the BBC. 'Lies, Greed, Misery' finds Mike Shinoda taking the lead on the rap-centric track. Bennington primarily chimes in on the in-your-face chorus where he belts, "I wanna see you choke on the lies, swallowing the greed, suffering alone in the misery." Check out the track below.

The final new plaything for Linkin Park fans this week is a new app. The group teamed with the Lotus F1 Team to create the free new music-meets-video game application, 'Linkin Park GP.' In the racing game, players can drive a Lotus E20 F1 car and interact with a full 360-degree environment while also creating an original remix of the current Linkin Park hit, 'Burn It Down.' As you accelerate through the game, audio tracks and live effects get mixed in real time in response to your actions. Check out a trailer for the game here and get your 'Linkin Park GP' app for free right now via iTunes.

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