Metallica set the metal world ablaze when they dropped the news of their new album alongside the opening track, "Hardwired." The song had the band's legions raising white-knuckled fists high into the air, hailing it as a return to their classic, thrash-intensive form. But how classic does it really sound? Watch the video above to find out!

One YouTuber recorded the guitar and bass tracks to MIDI programmed drums using a library of tones that closely align themselves with the production aesthetics of each of Metallica's first five albums. The video expectedly starts at the beginning with the raw and ready sound of Kill 'Em All, and yes, "Hardwired" sounds like classic 'Tallica indeed!

Moving on to Ride the Lightning and it's cold and honest production, "Hardwired" fits well within the album's ethos, sounding like it could have been placed between any of the record's timeless tunes. Master of Puppets is up next, boasting an ageless production, filtering the punchy new single through its weighty tones followed by the rendition of "Hardwired" by way of ...And Justice for All.

The last album to give "Hardwired" a makeover is the eponymous record otherwise known as the 'Black Album.' This version closest resembles the current incarnation of the song, though it may throw fans for a bit of a loop as they're not accustomed to hearing blistering thrash emanating from the album that changed heavy music forever.

Check out the original version of "Hardwired" below for comparison.

Metallica will release their 10th studio album, Hardwired... To Self-Destruct, on Nov. 18. The newest platter will boast 12 new songs, spanning an 80 minute runtime, long enough to qualify this one as a double album. Pre-orders can be placed at the thrash legends' website.

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