The Loudwire merch store has just dropped an array of new products, featuring two all-new designs made by real human beings and not AI!


The two new designs added to the Loudwire merch store are an '80s Metal Loudwire variant and a metalcore-themed election campaign design — Bleghs/Breakdowns '24.

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'80s Metal Merch

The '80s Metal design features a reworked Loudwire logo with a cloaked, skull-faced figure holding the world in its hand, flashing the horns with its other skeletal hand. There are two color options: a black and silver design or a black and gold design.

It looks like it could be a lost gem from that decade and this is our tribute to that glorious era of metal!

Available products: Red and black T-shirts (sizes S - 4XL), tote bag, coffee mug and wall poster.

To browse or purchase: View the '80s Metal collection at the Loudwire Merch Store.

Designed by Christina Nahas. Follow Christina on Instagram and view more of her work!

Loudwire's '80s Metal merch collection: tote bags, shirts, mugs and posters

Bleghs/Breakdowns '24 Political Campaign Merch

The Bleghs/Breakdowns '24 political campaign slogan is a humorous ode to two of metalcore's most distinct tropes — screaming BLEGH! and playing breakdowns.

Available products: Black T-shirt (sizes S - 4XL), crop top (sizes S - XL), magnets and bumper stickers.

To browse or purchase: View the Bleghs/Breakdowns '24 collection at the Loudwire Merch Store.

Designed by Loudwire.

Loudwire's Bleghs/Breakdowns '24 metalcore campaign merch collection: crop top, shirt, bumper sticker, magnet

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