With 2017 halfway over, Loudwire Podcast hosts Graham Hartmann and Joe DiVita share their personal Top Five albums of the year so far!

In all honesty, 2017 has been a really strong year for rock and metal. Graham and Joe don’t agree on much, but the one band that made both Top Five lists is Power Trip. The Texas thrash band has claimed 2017 as their landmark year thanks to Nightmare Logic. If you’ve ever been to a Power Trip show, you know the thrashers can open up a pit with hurricane force. Power Trip is a true force in modern metal and they receive high praise in this podcast.

The work of Troy Sanders makes both list, but from different bands. Mastodon affirmed their metal supremacy for the seventh time with Emperor of Sand, a masterful and conceptual work that showcases the immense talent of all four members. However, Sanders also helped pen Gone Is Gone’s Echolocation album. The cinematic experience is meant to score the soundtrack of your own life, making it a deeply personal listen for anyone who takes it in.

As a massive punk fanatic, Graham made sure to include Australia’s Frenzal Rhomb on his list. The band’s new Hi Vis High Tea album is packed with anthemic cuts heavy on infectious melody and harmony. Frenzal’s lyrics are ridiculously entertaining throughout the record, painting a vivid picture of Australia’s drug scene, specifically with ecstasy. Graham makes sure to explain the meaning of “I’m Shelving Stacks (As I’m Stacking Shelves)” in explicit detail.

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