Welcome to the weekly Loudwire Radio Readers poll. Every weekend, Loudwire will be bringing you the Top 20 songs of the week both from the airwaves and online. However, we will also be playing one extra song chosen by -- you guessed it -- the Loudwire readers! The face-painted underdogs, Avatar, claimed their spot in last week's poll, but who will win this week?

Featured in our Loudwire Radio poll last week, Godsmack again is attempting to get into next week's show with their cover of Joe Walsh's 'Rocky Mountain Way.' The band can score a spot in the show, but only your votes can take them there.

Hard rockers Dead Sara also just missed the Top 20, but they own one of the five songs in this week's poll. Vote for 'Weatherman' if Dead Sara is your jam. We're also showcasing Taproot's 'No Surrender' for its chance to make it into next week's program.

The final two songs that are competing for the coveted slot are the current singles 'Soldiers' by Otherwise and 'Sorry' by Art of Dying.

Vote for your favorite track in the poll below to decide which song will be played during next week's broadcast of Loudwire Radio.

Godsmack, 'Rocky Mountain Way'
Dead Sara, 'Weatherman'
Taproot, 'No Surrender'
Otherwise, 'Soldiers'
Art of Dying, 'Sorry'