Eyes Set to Kill absolutely killed it in the most recent 'Loudwire Reloaded' airplay poll. The band's new song 'Infected' will get an extra spin on the upcoming 'Loudwire Reloaded' broadcast this coming weekend, taking its place alongside the 'Lucky 13' songs. 'Infected' makes a fine addition to the show and given the fan response it may not be long before it's among the top hard rock songs in the land.

As Eyes Set to Kill make the leap onto the 'Loudwire Reloaded' show, we've got space for a new track to follow in its footsteps next week. And you get to have the say in which song deserves the extra recognition.

The new poll features returning songs 'Die for You' from Otherwise and Bring Me the Horizon's 'Sleepwalking' joining a trio of new entries. Asking Alexandria's anthemic 'Break Down the Walls,' Half Past My Sin's hard-driving song 'My Demand' and Heaven's Basement's fist-pumper 'Nothing Left to Lose' are all ready to challenge for a spot on the show as well.

Which of these songs rules enough to be heard alongside the biggest songs in hard rock radio? That's your call. Vote up to once per hour in the poll below. Voting ends on Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 10AM ET.