Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn generally says what is on his mind, and that was definitely the case in a recent interview with Metal Shrine.  Apparently, like most other people with ears, Flynn is not a fan of the Metallica/Lou Reed album ‘Lulu.’

“I didn't even get it. If those guys need to do that stuff to get their ya yas out, that's cool and I respect them, but eeehhh… was Lemmy not available? Was f--king Iggy Pop not available? (laughs) I think there are so many people that might've been a better choice,” Flynn said. “I don't know the dude, but maybe he's the most charismatic guy in the world, I don't know. I f--king can't stand Lou Reed. I don't like his solo career and I don't like Velvet Underground."

When asked if Machine Head would ever do a project that strays from their sound, Flynn said,
“I mean, we write plenty of songs that aren't necessarily what Machine Head would be. I love The Cure so I write a bunch of mellow stuff that's like super gothy and … gay. (laughs) But I think it's cool. You jam for a while and you come up with all kinds of s--t. The thing that's great about Machine Head is that it's a pretty wide canvas we get to paint on.”

Machine Head have been collecting the hardware lately. Flynn and guitarist Phil Demmel recently won the Riff Lord award at the 2012 Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards. The band was also inducted into the Kerrang! Hall of Fame earlier this month. They are currently on tour in Europe.