Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn just typed up another post for his always entertaining 'The General Journals: Diary of a Frontman… And Other Ramblings' blog. This edition celebrates the 10th anniversary of the band's album 'Through the Ashes of Empires,' nearly becoming the singer of Drowning Pool and much, much more.

Many different websites contradict each other when it comes to a definitive release date for 'Through the Ashes of Empires,' but according to the official Roadrunner U.K. website, the album's official U.K. release date was Oct. 27. The U.S. release didn't happen until December, so it's safe to assume that when Phil Demmel turned to Flynn and said, "'Through the Ashes' is 10 today," the guitarist was referring to the record's U.K. release.

"I knew it was coming up, but forgot to look up the date," writes Flynn. "F--- me, it's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since this era of the band has happened, I mean really hard to believe. Back in the day there was an old Virginia Slims cigarette ad aimed at empowering women to smoke and it said, 'You've come a long way baby.' F---in’ A."

Flynn goes on to tell the story of 'Through the Ashes of Empires' for one piece of which the frontman promises to be a three-part series. Part One of Flynn's latest blog, however, takes an unexpected turn as he shifts to the subject of Texas nu-metal band Drowning Pool.

"Dave Williams, Drowning Pool's singer passed away and their manager offered me both a chance to sing for them as well as a pretty hefty paycheck," Flynn reveals. "So for about 2 weeks Genevra and I debated about why I should or shouldn't do this. We desperately needed the money. So finally, I stood in front of a full length mirror, looked myself right in the eye and said to myself, 'go ahead sing 'Let The Bodies Hit The Floor' with conviction AND, believe it.' It's a decent song, I'd seen them a few time live, they and Dave were good, but as I began singing it, something in my body just stopped. I couldn’t sing it, I couldn’t feel it and there wasn’t an ounce of conviction in the delivery. My body, my entire being rebelled on me!"

Check out the first of Robb Flynn's three-part series on Machine Head's 'Through the Ashes of Empires' album at the band's official Facebook page.

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