The rock world has been reeling over the course of the last two months with the deaths of some of the most beloved figures in the genre. The latest loss came with the passing of the Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey. As was the story with Scott Weiland, Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie, there has been an outpouring of tributes from fans and musicians. Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has posted a heartwarming tribute to Frey, detailing the effect the group has had on his life.

"I love The Eagles. LOOOOOOOOVE The Eagles," Flynn began in the Facebook post. He goes on to describe how the rock outfit has permeated his early listening, which continues to this day. Though he did not have his finger on the pulse of the group's latest activities and never saw them tour, his affection still runs high as he states, "About three years ago I watched their documentary on Showtime (it’s also on Netflix – watch it!) which was A-MA-ZING! It reminded me that this is a band that has managed to hold my musical affection now for several decades. I still listen to them regularly on tour, sometimes after the show to relax, sometimes to kick the party up a notch!"

While noting Don Henley's voice, he gushed over the singer's Eagles bandmate, adding, "but Glenn Frey sang some of my favorite tunes by them as well. 'Take It Easy,' 'Heartache Tonight' and 'New Kid In Town.' Funny enough, I was just standing in Winslow, Arizona checking out the meteor crater, and I had 'Take It Easy' playing through my head 'Well, I'm a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see…'”

Flynn discusses the song "New Kid in Town," which was written after the Eagles watched a youthful Bruce Springsteen win over the crowd, demonstrating there was a new musical force on the way. The song was written about passing the proverbial torch and the Machine Head frontman exclaimed, "How’s THAT for honesty??!! How’s THAT for self-awareness? And then they tie into something every guy could relate to; the rage and insecurity you feel when you realize your girlfriend / wife has moved on, except instead of girlfriend / wife it’s your fanbase."

Sharing a personal anecdote about why "Heartache Tonight" is his favorite Eagles tune, Flynn said, "It reminds me of drinking wine with Genevra sometime in the mid-90’s. We were living in our old apartment in Berkeley and her talking me into dancing in our cramped-ass living room." Describing a scene all Machine Head fans would undoubtedly love to see, he went on, "There I’d be doing my 'dumb-guy-dance,' and we'd just laugh and dance and not give a s--t about anything outside of those four walls. Of course when the 'whooooo - hoooooo' part comes in at the end of the song (and I always get it wrong!) we would both howl at the moon with laughter."

Concluding his post, Flynn added, "Glenn Frey, 67, not old, but sounds like the dude lived a very full life. Thank you for the music and the memories, Glenn Frey."

Glenn Frey passed away at 67 on Jan. 18 due to complications stemming rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.

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