Imagine waking from a coma to see a musician you're a fan of standing in the room. Now imagine that musician is also your respiratory therapist. This actually happened to a fan of the band Hammerlord a few years back, who awoke to bassist Terry Taylor waiting to assist him.

The post surfaced last night on Reddit, and must've been some sort of social media throwback, because the screenshot is dated for Dec. 9, 2015. The name is blacked out, but the incident had apparently occurred one year prior to when it was posted.

"I woke up from a three-day coma. A guy came in, woke me up, and said, 'Mason, my name is Terry and I'm here to take out your breathing tube.' I opened my eyes wider and my first words were, 'Terry Taylor from Hammerlord!'," the post reads.

"I remember him asking if I had any Hammerlord stuff and I told him that I had [the album] Wolves at War's End. I got a package a few days later with a bunch of Hammerlord stuff. The rest of the band came and visited me on the fourth floor where I was staying."

We're glad it ended well for the patient in more ways than one. But do you know which other metal musician was also a respiratory therapist prior to becoming part of a legendary band? Yup, Tom Araya of Slayer. The more you know!

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