As a musician, collector of fine art and film enthusiast, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich aims to be surrounded by art every moment of his life. Sometimes, sadly, Lars doesn't have access to a drum kit or a film crew to bring his visions to life. During these times, Lars Ulrich turns his own face into a traveling art exhibition, allowing onlookers to experience a myriad of emotions.

In this collection of photographs, we've compiled some of Ulrich's greatest facial works into one all-encompassing spectacle. As if Lars Ulrich's faces in public weren't stirring enough, we've managed to capture images of Ulrich's visages WHILE the virtuoso was performing behind his kit! Is there anything Lars can't do?

Feast your eyes on The Many Faces of Metallica's Lars Ulrich above! Be sure watch more of our Loud Lists below!

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