Marilyn Manson just released a new music video! You may have already heard 'Deep Six' off Manson's upcoming ninth studio album, 'The Pale Emperor,' but now you can watch the Antichrist Superstar's visual interpretation of the song in the clip above.

The musician has delivered some of the most iconic and visually disturbing music videos ever to be aired on MTV and the like, but 'Deep Six' embraces a minimalistic quality with a bit of sci-fi weirdness to boot. It was directed by surrealist artist Bart Hess.

As Manson sings 'Deep Six' in a reverse reverend outfit, among others, a strange rippling growth weaves across the screen. The black cylindrical waveform consumes a nude female body while pulling it together and breaking it apart from multiple directions. Manson's head also leads the rippling form in bizarre fashion.

Another captivating style used in 'Deep Six' is that of an infinity mirror. After delving into Manson's open mouth, where never-ending rows of teeth preface an infinite cycle of the black waveform coming out of Manson's mouth.

Manson recently discussed his new album 'The Pale Emperor' during a Loudwire Nights interview with Full Metal Jackie. "‘The Pale Emperor’ came from a book that I was given in 2000 by [Johnny] Depp," he explained. "We have each other’s back as in we have the same tattoo on our back. It covers our entire back. It was about Heliogabalus which may be a little esoteric for our listeners. He was the emperor of Rome before Caligula. He was the first one to deny God and that’s a big deal."

'The Pale Emperor' will become available Jan. 20 via Mansons' own label, Hell Etc. To pre-order the album, click here.

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