Marilyn Manson was recently the subject of a new Rolling Stone interview, or should we say case study. Focusing on Manson's bizarre, vampiric personal life, the article documents the Antichrist Superstar's demanding sexual habits, his grandfather's taste for beastiality porn, his late mother's struggle with Munchausen by Proxy syndrome and much more.

This interview allows Manson's many strange quirks to feel extremely real. Firstly, Manson is rarely awake while the sun is up, and when the musician is at his Hollywood home, little-to-no light is allowed in the house. Manson claims to need sex at least five times a day from his girlfriend, photographer Lindsay Usich, with 10 being his personal ceiling. He also requires the lights off when engaging in sexual activity. "I'm just really shy, despite what you'd imagine," he explains. And he also says that he insists on keeping his underwear around his ankles. "I have a phobia that the house is going to catch fire, and I don't want to be naked."

Odd possessions around Manson's home are described, from a painting by serial killer John Wayne Gacy to an unused canister of Zyklon B (the poisonous gas used in Hitler's concentration camps), various children's books and even an old abortionist's table.

Moving on, Manson offers poetic quotes describing how he sees himself. "I'm chaos, I've always been chaos, my point on Earth is chaos," says Manson. "I'm the third act of every movie you've ever seen. I'm the part where it rains and the part where the person you don't want to die dies. I'm here just to f--k s--t up."

According to the singer, his mother suffered from Munchausen by Proxy syndrome, which causes someone to intentionally fabricate or induce illness upon someone else. Manson didn't find out about his mother's condition until later in life, but he now knows why he apparently suffered from strange allergies as a child, only to find himself free of those "allergies" as an adult.

As for Manson's upcoming album, 'The Pale Emperor,' he seems extremely happy with the recording. "It's dirty, like the dirt under my nails, like someone who has dug a grave," Manson describes.

If you want to learn even more about Marilyn Manson, his parents, the time he and Johnny Depp attempted to purchase the gun Hitler killed himself with and much more, head over to Rolling Stone.

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