Marilyn Manson's got a new record out, but the thing that's really got his focus these days is his time on the road.

The rocker tells the Kerrang Podcast that he's really enjoying playing live again having been off the road for several years. "We had to get our f--- on, so to speak," says Manson, who says a lot of the 'Antichrist Superstar' record has come back into play.

He adds, "We really play the stuff that makes us happiest and in turn I think that will make the audience happier. You know, a lot of times bands, and I can be accused of the same thing, they like to play a bulk of the new record just because they're excited and it's new, but just playing things again, especially with Twiggy [Ramirez] on guitar, I love playing the old stuff cause it seems new again."

Manson says that not only has the fan reaction been great, but his own enjoyment of the current lineup on tour has him thinking about a potential concert album. "I think I'd really like to record a live album of this tour," says Manson. "I know that we're doing something later this year … but I just like the way things sound live now."

Meanwhile, Manson also confirmed the next track to come off of his 'Born Villain' record. He explained, "The next single is 'Slow Motion.' We just did a video and just finished it …. and there's a great inspiration from records like 'Scary Monsters' by [David] Bowie, Carlos Alomar or Robert Fripp's reckless, sort of avant garde approach to guitar playing."

The singer and his band return to the U.S. in late September and October for the 2012 'Twins of Evil' Tour with Rob Zombie, before finishing out the year back in Europe for more shows.

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