If you can think of a more disturbing song to come out of the 1960s than "The End" by the Doors, kudos to you. Marilyn Manson has now released a studio cover of the song over 50 years later, and he took the disturbing element to a whole new level.

"Father / Yes, son / I want to kill you / Mother / I want to..."

Manson's modern take on the bizarre track is dark and sinister, like much of his other work, softly growling many of the strange phrases and slowing the melody down even more than the original. His rendition will appear in the upcoming Stephen King series The Stand, which the singer will play a role in as well.

The visual for the video was designed by Zev Deans, and the single's artwork was a watercolor painting done by Manson himself. Watch it below.

The incestuous lyrics were penned by the late Jim Morrison for the Doors' debut album in 1967, and were inspired by his interest in Freudianism and philosophy. Morrison was undoubtedly one of the most eccentric individuals of his time, having developed a strong relationship with psychedelics, he pretty much just said anything on his mind.

"Eccentric" is a fair way to describe Manson as well, who used the shock factor to make a name for himself in the '90s. He's been working on his next album throughout most of 2019 with producer Shooter Jennings.

Manson will be joining Ozzy Osbourne on his rescheduled 2020 North American No More Tours 2 dates. See them here.

Marilyn Manson, "The End"

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