Wolfgang Van Halen was definitely thrown into the fire, being called upon to play bass for Tremonti a day before the band's first show of their fall tour, but it looks like things are working out so well that his involvement will continue beyond their current trek.

Mark Tremonti tells the Metal Shrine blog, "We've already talked about [recording] and we look forward to it. I think it'll add a whole other element to this band." The guitarist was very complimentary of his new bassist, who came on board after his longtime Creed and Alter Bridge cohort Brian Marshall had to exit to deal with some personal issues.

Tremonti says of Wolfgang, "He's a very positive person and good to be around and an incredibly talented musician. Things have been going well." The guitarist says that things have a weird way of working out, and Van Halen's entrance into the band was not the first time he was actually considered for the group.

The guitarist says, "We had talked about having him being a part of the band early on, but Van Halen got back together and did a nine-month tour together and it was right in the window when we needed to do this, so we moved on without him. Eric Friedman tracked the bass on the record, and then we started touring and we had Brian Marshall playing bass with us, and then something came up at the last minute with Brian and it just so happened that Wolfgang was in town. I gave him a shout and he came right over and jumped on board."

In a recent video interview, Wolfgang admitted that even though he was a last minute addition to the lineup, he was definitely familiar with the music. The bassist says he was hanging out in New Jersey with Sevendust at the same time that Tremonti was tracking his disc, and got to know the band pretty well.