It's 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' time once again! This time around, we've got Creed / Alter Bridge guitarist and solo frontman Mark Tremonti in the hot seat.

With three bands to cover, there was plenty of Wikipedia material to choose from for this Mark Tremonti episode. And if you like your Wiki segments full of fiction, this one is essential to check out.

Beginning with his childhood, Mark Tremonti takes us from his youthful days into the initial formation of Creed. One piece of information many Creed fans take as fact is that the band was originally called Naked Toddler. However, Tremonti himself proves this to be false. He also clears up some info on performing in family restaurants and corrects the falsehood of Creed being rejected by 14 record labels before ultimately getting signed.

Tremonti continues to set the record straight by slapping down a bizarre entry about the Creed track "Higher." The guitarist also speaks candidly about singer Scott Stapp's drug issues along with both verbal and physical fights between Creed members.

Expect this and much, much more in the Mark Tremonti edition of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?'. Check out more video with Mark and additional Wiki episodes below.

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