When asked the question of what makes an awesome concert photo, the answer is purely a subjective one. Concert photographers aim to capture a special moment, a feeling, or the general vibe of a live show, all in one click – no pressure though.

Mastering the technical side of photography is just one of the necessary elements of concert photography. Most season vets know the standard rule of ‘first three, no flash’ which indicates that photographers are allowed to shoot the first three songs of the set without using flash, this is standard fare. Add to that the limited window of opportunity the challenge of constant changes in lighting and atmosphere, working with moving targets at sometimes strange angles, being sensitive to the paying crowd behind you, and maneuvering around any physical obstacles in your path and you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands.

However, when the stars align, great photos can be made. Here are 50 of our own favorite rock shots over the past few years from one of Loudwire's very own photographers, Mary Ouellette:

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