With Trivium taking a little more time for themselves this year, one of the benefits of that may be Matt Heafy finally fulfilling a black metal project with Ihsahn he first teased several years ago.

Speaking with Jamey Jasta on The Jasta Show podcast (heard below), Heafy offered an update on the long-teased Mrityu project, revealing that progress has been made.

"Ihsahn is producing my black metal project. He’s co-written several songs – we’re finally kind of piecing that together, we’ve got eight or nine songs written on it. He’s producing the whole thing, co-writing some of it," explained the singer.

He went on to add, "I’m going to try to get a hero of mine in black metal on every single song. Ihshahn’s going to do some vocals, Nergal’s going to do a song. Gaahl, I think, is about to do a song, hit up some other people."

Back in 2015, Heafy expressed his desire to work with Ihsahn, getting a little giddy over the experience. "We'll also be recording it in Notodden, Norway, where all the Emperor records were done," he told Revolver. In 2012, he also had high praise for Ihsahn's producing ability, telling Metal Insider, "It’s my dream with this that hopefully he can produce the record because his work with Leprous is unbelievable, his work on his newest album [Eremita] blew my mind. That’s my hope, that’s my dream."

Though the Mrityu album seems to be moving forward, no official release plans have been announced.

Hear Matt Heafy on The Jasta Show

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