Trivium vocalist Matt Heafy has become the king of online covers, frequently taking on a wide variety of material both on his YouTube and Twitch channels, but his latest cover is absolutely bonkers. The singer takes his own band's "The Heart From Your Hate" and throws in a dash of My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade," but does it all in the style of Michael Buble ... if he were a metal artist, of course.

With a somewhat quizzical look and nicking My Chemical Romance's logo but renaming it "My Chemical Bromance," Heafy teased the song via his Twitter account, leading fans to his YouTube page.

"The Heart From Your Hate" initially appeared on Trivium's 2017 album, The Sin and the Sentence. And while the initial version was heavier than what we get here, Heafy hasn't completely ditched the metal stylings. Camera inserts into the video show his blistering guitar playing as he croons the tune over a bouncier Buble-esque backing.

But if that wasn't weird enough, Heafy then breaks briefly from his own song to throw in the "we'll carry on" line from My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" before seamlessly segueing back into his own track, never breaking from the Buble styling.

Have a look in the player below and be sure to check out more of Heafy's covers via his YouTube and Twitch accounts.

My Chemical Bromance / Trivium X Michael Buble

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