Among the keys to Megadeth's success is Dave Mustaine's seemingly endless well of creative inspirations. In a new interview with 'Hangar 19' podcast host Cutter, Mustaine delves into some of the things that are influencing his writing as the band gets into their follow-up to the 'Super Collider' album.

One of the new song titles in contention for the upcoming album is called 'Why We Lie to You,' and Mustaine offers, "It's another friendly little political song about the stuff that they keep from you -- kind of like if Jack Bauer was in a band, what would he sing about." For those not getting the reference, Bauer is the badass field agent played by Keifer Sutherland on the FOX series '24.'

The Megadeth frontman says that paying attention to world events gives him a wealth of ideas when it comes to write new music. He adds, "When you think about what's going on in our world as we know it, especially our nation here, it has totally changed, and it's not the same country that it used to be. It's really a drag, and the gutless people in Congress won't do anything about it."

One of Mustaine's current beefs is with the health care system. He explains, "I had the surgery on my neck and I was going to get a doctor's appointment yesterday to get a CT scan, cause I've got a pinched nerve. And they said, 'Well, we've gotta apply to see if you can get approval for a CT scan.' And I said, 'You know what? I'm a freakin' millionaire, and for me to have to go in there and ask somebody to get an X-ray? Shame on you guys. Cause if you're doing this to me, what are you doing to the middle class? What are you doing to the lower class people? I was a poor kid, but that stuff pisses me off. And that's gonna come out in the [next] record, trust me!"

Take a listen to Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and his chat with Cutter on the 'Hangar 19' podcast here.

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