Relax metalheads, Dave Mustaine is still more than just a little bit rock 'n' roll and his move to the country capital of Nashville shouldn't make you nervous. In an effort to support his daughter's aspiring country career, the Megadeth frontman picked up and moved to Nashville, where the rest of country's biggest sensations reside. The country industry is a much different animal than metal and Mustaine understands the industry and why the move was a solid choice.

In an interview with Rolling Stone India, the frontman details the parallels and differences between country and metal musicians, as well as why the move was so crucial. "The reason we moved out here was because I've made four records out here and all those times I was recording, I did live here. It really was comfortable to be here. The last time we were here, Electra was only two years old. We didn't know that she had the gift and once she started singing — I heard her sing one time and I was really convinced."

Expanding on this, he added, "I don't profess to be a singer first and foremost — I'm a guitar player that sings more than a singer who plays guitar. But with her, she really is. That's her strong point. For her, this is music city. It's all about country. It's where she's flourishing."

Understanding the differences between his career and his daughter's career, Mustaine was happy to make the move, stating, "I could do my job from anywhere -- Megadeth is that successful. I can do stuff on the net from a desert island if I wanted to. But I think for her, to be here right now and work with other songwrit­ers builds her name. She just goes in and meets people and doesn’t tell them who her dad is [laughs]."

Detailing the songwriting process between rock/metal and country, Mustaine said, "The country music scene is so different from metal. Like Steven Tyler moved out here and he had done a songwriting session with somebody and did it the way that we do it. He has the same background that I do -- a rock background. When you write songs, you keep writing. Out here in the country thing, you have a three-hour ses­sion. You sit down with some guy and an­other guy and usually there’s three people -- one does the music, one does lyrics and another does melody. And in three hours, they’ve got a song. I’m thinking, ‘F--k me!’ If I could write a song in three hours, my life would be so easy [laughs]."

For those still not convinced one of their metal heroes won't make the plunge into country, he confirmed he won't, saying, "Well, no you won’t see that, but I do think if I was that good where I could put together a song that’s exceptional in a matter of three hours, it would certainly change my life a lot. For me, it’s kinda weird. Songs aren’t ever done until they’re done. Sometimes they’re quick, sometimes they’re slow."

Dave Mustaine recently put his San Diego home on the market for $5.375 million, so if you have some coin to toss around, you can settle in at the rocker's awesome SoCal digs.

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