An interesting news story involving Megadeth and Jason Newsted has come across the pond from Australia. Ever year, tons of amazing bands are recruited to tour throughout Australia for the Soundwave Festival. Many acts take the opportunity to play extra 'Sidewave' shows while they're traveling around the country, but according to Soundwave itself, Jason Newsted's eponymous solo act has been booted from two Megadeth side shows "at the request" of the band.

Details are rough regarding Megadeth's choice to kick Newsted off the thrash act's Feb. 25 Sydney and Feb. 27 Melbourne Sidewave shows, but obviously, Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted have both been members of Metallica in the past. The interpersonal struggles within Metallica and its past members have been complicated to say the least, and fans won't help but wonder if there is a connection there.

However, Newsted and Megadeth did seem to get along amiably during this past summer's Gigantour, even sharing the stage during the final show. Regardless of the reason for Newsted's dismissal, deathcore act Whitechapel have been recruited to take Newsted's opening slot.

The official Soundwave Festival website reads:

At the request of MEGADETH, NEWSTED will not be playing the below sidewaves and instead will be replaced by WHITECHAPEL.

Additionally, Soundwave organizer AJ Maddah has been publicly answering questions regarding the situation on his Twitter page:

The annual Soundwave Festival will begin Feb. 22 in Brisbane and will conclude in Perth on March 3.