According to an eyewitness report, the legendary Melvins chose to end their Aug. 19 show in Vancouver a bit early due to a bottle throwing incident. Apparently, frontman Buzz Osborne was so pissed off from being hit in the chest with a bottle that he left the stage, soon to be followed by his Melvins bandmates.

Melvins are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary as a band with a dense string of North American dates. Now nearing the tail-end of their tour, Melvins have only got a small handful of dates left before taking a much-deserved break from the road. The group will conclude the tour on Aug. 27 in Pioneertown, Calif. before heading off to Australia in December.

The news of the Melvins mid-performance bailout was delivered to Alternative Nation by a fan who attended the Vancouver gig:

Hey. I went to the Melvins last night at the commodore ballroom in vancouver. Towards the end of the show someone threw a bottle that reportedly hit buzzo in the chest. The music stopped, he said fuck you guys and walked off. Dale came up and demanded to know who had thrown it. When no one owned up he said see ya and the roadies proceeded to take down gear. One roadie collected all the setlists and put them in his pocket. However, the perpetrator had been apprehended by some of the crowd members and handed over to security. He was brought outside and identified by buzzo himself who proceeded to get into a vehicle and leave, ignoring everyone but the authorities. The bottle thrower was arrested but that’s as much as I know. Much of Houdini was in the set as well as Sweet Willy Rollbar. One part of the set featured a roadie taking over drums for Dale while he gobbled down a banana taken out of his pants. He then sang lead for the song that followed. Im pretty sure the bass player was a member of the opening act Honky. Dale was accompanied by Coady Willis on drums. I like to think Honey Bucket would have been the closer.

California, take note. You've got an amazing five days of Melvins rolling down your shores beginning tonight (Aug. 22). So please, no throwing bottles at King Buzzo.