Meshuggah are one of the most unique and instantly identifiable metal bands on the planet. Progenitors of the polyrhythmic style — which has seen a rise in recent years thanks to the birth of the djent genre — the Swedish quintet have been widely influential during their quarter century plus reign and are set to release a career-spanning box set, 25 Years of Musical Deviance.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Meshuggah's debut studio album, Contradictions Collapse, but the box set will peer just a bit deeper into the band's past, starting with the Meshuggah EP from 1989 extending through 2012's Koloss25 Years of Musical Deviance comes packaged in an outer case with three dimensional cover art, a slipmat with an exclusive design, a 100-page hardcover book packed with lyrics and previously unreleased images, a Blu-ray disc with every music video along with previously unreleased studio footage and -- as the meat of the set -- 17 ultra clear, 180 gram 12" vinyl platters representing seven studio albums and three EPs, all of which will be adorned with new artwork.

25 Years of Musical Deviance arrives July 29 through Nuclear Blast and will be limited to 1,000 sets worldwide, 585 of which will be available exclusively in the U.S. through the label's webshop.

Meshuggah will be performing at a number of festivals this summer with a stateside appearance set for Chicago Open Air. All upcoming touring activities can be found at the band's Facebook page.

Meshuggah, 25 Years of Musical Deviance Boxset

Nuclear Blast

Meshuggah, 25 Years of Musical Deviance Box Set Details


Meshuggah EP*
Contradictions Collapse#
None EP#
Destroy Erase Improve*
Catch 33#
* 45rpm | # 33 1/3rpm

Blu-ray Tracklisting

Music Videos
"Abnegating Cecity"
"Terminal Illusions"
"New Millennium Cyanide Christ"
"Rash In All Gays"
"Rational Gaze"
"Breaking Those Bones Who Sinews Gave It Motion"
"I Am Colossus"

Studio Videos
"Contradictions Collapse"
"Destroy Erase Improve"

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