The Internet is littered with all sorts of Meshuggah covers and it's always fun to watch fans play through some of their favorite songs. Some of these videos span the range from guitar, drums, bass, vocals and now ... sitar. In this video, the Indian instrument is played along to the Swedish extremists' song "Bleed."

There's a lot to be impressed with here, and more than just the simple fact that someone managed to play through seven minutes of polyrhythmic madness. The video was uploaded by Rishabh Seen, who gives some insight into what makes this cover especially unique. Rishabh states:

The solo part was recorded live and no digital Speed-ups were used for the whole song which is the reason why I missed a few strokes here and there.The Sitar sounds a bit shabby because of 1 main reason – It has been forcefully tuned to D sharp where no Sitar is tuned because of a standard scale length. I have kept it all real and taken it as far as I could take it… This cover is NOT at all to show off or like prove something , but just a sincere effort of putting something real which might be fun to watch and hear.This song became a part of my practice schedule so since I was able to push it , I wanted to give it a try. Love the original tempo’s feel a lot, but here is just something which to me was an insane experience. Learnt A lot!

Check out the video above to hear the cover for yourself! The sitar is played over the song, which gives some interesting contrast and a new layer. So, who's going to start a metal band with a sitar now!?

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