Jean-Pascal Fournier, an artist and graphic designer known for designing dozens of metal album covers, has been arrested in Grenoble, France. He was taken into custody following a suicide attempt and is suspected to have murdered his 80-year-old father, Jean-Paul Fournier, one day earlier.

The French newspapers Le Dauphiné Libéré and Le Parisien reported that Jean-Paul was found dead in his home, disemboweled (Google translates describes the act of violence as "ripping him open" and "gutted") while his head was pierced with an arrow and had been "hit repeatedly" with an unknown object.

At the time the police arrived, Jean-Paul's wife, who was described as "sick" and "elderly" was upstairs in the home.

The murder took place on Wednesday night (March 29), the same night that Jean-Pascal, the suspect, appears to have run his car off a cliff with no occupants, including himself, inside the vehicle. When neighbors awoke and discovered the car, police surveyed the scene to see if a driver or passenger had been ejected from the vehicle during the descent.

On Thursday (March 30), Jean-Pascal attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge and into the Isère river. Firefighters recovered the artist and he was taken into police custody as authorities had been place on alert to look out for Jean-Pascal following the vehicle recovery earlier that day.

Jean-Pascal Fournier has designed album covers for artists such as Immortal (At the Heart of Winter, Damned in Black), Edguy (The Savage PoetryMandrakeHellfire Club), DragonForce (Valley of the Damned), Avantasia (The Metal OperaThe Metal Opera Pt. II) and more. View a list of his artwork credits here.

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