With coronavirus likely to become the deadliest pandemic since the HIV/AIDS crisis, metal bands have already used the name COVID-19 to create infectious music. As of this posting, two bands have adopted the COVID-19 moniker... and they’re both pretty brutal.

The first COVID-19 band comes from Brazil and they released their debut EP, When the Traditional Margarine Commercial Family Dies, back in March. Brazil’s COVID-19 play brutal death metal and goregrind, adorning their debut EP’s cover art with neon sludge and families in gas masks.

Póstumo Sölstício Records

The South American act seems to be a one-man project, with Erdos from Den Svarta Haxan, Encephalo Swarm, Montosse and V/H/S playing each instrument, while two guest vocalists named Soulless and A. Joseph lent their pipes to the EP. [via Metal Archives]

The second COVID-19 act hails from Russia and has already released two EPs — We All Die and Collapse of the Planet. According to Metal Archives, Wishdoomdark’s Alex Ezeptrone is the mastermind of the one-man project, contributing all instrumental and vocal parts to the EPs.


As for the virus itself, live concerts continue to be postponed worldwide, with one American health expert predicting that large gatherings will not take place until Fall 2021.

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