It's time to go to church — Metal Church! The West Coast heavy metal traditionalists unleashed their first album back in 1984 and nearly 25 years later, they're still at it with their 12th studio offering, Damned If You Do, on the horizon. Get a taste of the record above as the band has just released the title track.

"Damned If You Do" is classic Metal Church, propelled by thunderous double bass kicks and riffing that toes the line between traditional and thrash. Singer Mike Howe, who was a member from 1988 through 1995, rejoining again in 2015, retains his signature snarl and delivers another instantly memorable chorus.

“I hope the fans enjoy this first video, it really sets the tone for the entire album. We are doing our best to keep metal alive Metal Church style," says Howe. "We’d be damned if we didn't!" Drummer Stet Howland, who makes his studio debut on this album, adds, “From my first listen of the ‘Damned If You Do” demo, I was blown away. From Mike’s ‘hummm’ intro to Kurdt’s bad ass guitar riff to the infectious chorus, I was hooked!! If I were any more excited people would have to call me ‘shit legs,' ha ha ha.”

Damned If You Do will be released on December 7 through Rat Pak Records. Pre-orders can be placed at this location and for digital reservations, which come with an instant gratification download of the title track, head here.

Metal Church, Damned If You Do Album Art + Track Listing

Rat Pak Records
Rat Pak Records

01. Damned If You Do
02. The Black Things
03. By the Numbers
04. Revolution Underway
05: Guillotine
06. Rot Away
07. Into the Fold
08. Monkey Finger
09. Out of Balance
10. The War Electric

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