This may be the most awesome suburban light show in the history of Christmas. If you live in fear of a jolly red-coated man with flying venison caving in your roof, your best bet to keep him away is to blast some heavy metal music. Combine that with an adorable light show, and you'll avoid that stocking full of coal we all know you deserve.

We've posted a few metal Christmas light shows in the past, including ones inspired by Slayer's 'Raining Blood,' Machine Head's 'Impirium,' and Metallica's 'Enter Sandman,' but this new display takes the dedication of a Metallica fan to the highest level. Homeowners have spent an incredible amount of hours creating their light shows using just one song, but this fan did it with six tunes.

This Christmas Metallica medley is packed full of thrash classics. Combining 'Hit the Lights,' 'Blackened,' 'Battery,' 'One,' 'Damage Inc.' and 'Creeping Death,' this home is the holy grail of suburbia.

In this video, you'll see evil snowmen singing along with frontman James Hetfield, Santa Claus shredding on his neon guitar, an elf on the drums and much more. Check out the full video of this thrash-tastic Christmas light show in the player below.