Slayer's 'Raining Blood' gets synchronized to a thrashing Christmas light display when this fan of 20-plus years strings the bulbs in his neighborhood. This show of lights is the mother-load of holiday displays, given the bulbs are required to blink in time at 210 beats per minute to keep up with Slayer.

To say that 'Raining Blood' is more abrasive and faster than other holiday displays we've seen would be an understatement. The song, originally released in 1986 on the landmark disc 'Reign in Blood,' is remembered as part of the 29-minute album that helped bring Slayer to the masses.

So, what must the neighbors think of a Christmas light display that is inspired by a band that takes on lyrical subject matter such as human experimentation, cancer of the brain, asphyxiation and postmortem? "Who cares?" says the Slayer fan who might feel differently when the electric bill arrives.

Watch the Slayer Christmas Lights in Action

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