Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo are celebrating Halloween with a cover version of The Edgar Winter Group's classic rock instrumental, "Frankenstein." A video of the two Metallica members performing the song emerged on Thursday (Oct. 28).

Issued in conjunction with the Bay Area heavy metal legends' distilled alcoholic beverage brand, Blackened Whiskey, the cover serves as spooky season toast to Metallica's fans. "No tricks, just a treat," Blackened said in a social media post containing the video.

"Frankenstein" has been covered by several other acts over the years, including by fellow thrash metal outfit Overkill. Jam band Phish have frequently performed the song live. Hammett and Trujillo's "Frankenstein" was filmed and mixed by Steve Ogan. It was edited by Brett Murray, with additional editing from Jason Gossman.

The original "Frankenstein" was part of The Edgar Winter Group's They Only Come Out at Night, their 1972 debut album that was also singer and multi-instrumentalist Winter's third solo effort. "Frankenstein" was subsequently issued as a single in early 1973. Portions of the tune notably appeared in film at the beginning of the 1993 movie Wayne's World 2.

Last month, Metallica released a remastered reissue of their 1991 "Black Album." Around the same time, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich stated it was "way too early" to talk about a new Metallica album, though the group has seemingly been working on one for a while.

See and hear the "Frankenstein" performance below.

Kirk Hammett + Robert Trujillo, "Frankenstein" (The Edgar Winter Group Cover)

The Edgar Winter Group, "Frankenstein" (Original)

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