Metallica had a great time recently in Mexico City, and nowhere is that more evident than in the latest video the band has posted online from their adventures south of the border.

The latest video compilation from the band begins with a meet-and-greet with some of their fans in which Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo get to hear exactly how much the music means from some of their fans.

The second part of the clip once again takes you into the rehearsal room where the guys are tuning up for their show with a rendition of 'Helpless' that sounds very stage-ready. The curtained-off sessions have become standard pre-show practice for the band and have helped make the performances once they hit the stage all the better.

In the third portion of the video, we get to see part of the live show as the power, ferocity, and musical highs and lows of the classic song 'One' are featured, with the audience reaching a fevered pitch.

And finally, it's time for a little fun. The events of this video took place on Aug. 3, which also happened to be James Hetfield's birthday. So how did the band and crew mark the occasion? By bombarding him with pies and silly string as they came offstage from the stellar performance. It was a great way to end Hetfield's 49th birthday.

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