As Metallica continue their series of eight concerts in Mexico City, each show seems to outdo the one before with rarely played songs introduced into the set list and flaming pranks being played on the crowd. For fans that couldn’t make it to Mexico though, Metallica recently posted a behind-the-scenes video that gives a small taste of the experience.

The footage kicks off with still photos from the tour before joining Metallica in the Tuning Room where they play ‘Creeping Death.’ The video gives an inside look at the process the band uses to work through variations of their songs before they take them to the stage. It includes a brainstorming session on performing different live versions of the song where we see Hetfield’s humor shine through as he offers up the idea that they could "scat one” version before breaking into his own little scat session on the microphone.

As the video says goodbye to Metallica jamming away in the Tuning Room it takes fans onstage with the band for their performance of the classic tune ‘Ride the Lightning.’ The video shows off the band’s massive stage set up with aerial views and quality sound recording.

When Metallica finishes up the Mexico City run on Aug. 9 they will return to the U.S. to play at San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival at Golden Gate Park before heading to Canada for a run of shows including a Vancouver stop where the band will be filming for their upcoming 3D movie.

Watch the Metallica Behind the Scenes Video

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