Metallica's Lars Ulrich joined Jimmy Kimmel in surprising a healthcare worker as part of the "Health Care Hero" challenge on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night (June 10). After it was all said and done, pediatric ICU nurse Tracey Bednar from Long Island came away with a Metallica fan package worthy of envy.

That's because Bednar not only scored VIP Metallica tickets, she also got a signed vinyl copy of the band's S&M2 — an album that's not even out yet. Bednar further received Ulrich's thanks for being on the healthcare frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic — watch the video toward the bottom of this post.

"As a father of three, I can't thank you enough for what you do," Ulrich offered. "I've been sitting here listening in for the last couple of minutes. All of us out here in San Francisco, my family and everywhere are so grateful for what you do. And thank you for having Metallica be a part of your life and your ride home."

Indeed, Bednar likes to cruise the boulevard to some "Enter Sandman," as she shared with TV viewers Wednesday. But it wasn't just Metallica-related prizes that the nurse received on Jimmy Kimmel. Retail chain Big Lots! is sending Bednar $10,000 along with gift cards for her co-workers as well.

As for Metallica fans itching for their own copy of S&M2, fear not — Billboard said it should come out in August. The recording comes from the band's second high-profile concert collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony in September 2019. The resulting live album was initially teased to be released earlier in the year, but has yet to arrive.

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