Metallica are planning to reissue their iconic Master of Puppets album. In a new interview with Lars Ulrich, the drummer shared that Metallica are aiming to put it out by the end of 2017.

Metallica’s third album is perhaps their most acclaimed and was sadly the final ’Tallica record to be released before the death of bassist Cliff Burton. Having recently given the box set treatment to Kill ‘Em All, Ulrich was asked if perhaps Master of Puppets would be next.

"We'll try to see if we can get it out at the end of this year. It's coming soon,” drummer Lars Ulrich tells Voir. “We're working on it. There's a lot of stuff associated with Master of Puppets; that's a big project. And we've spent so much time looking forward, with Hardwired [… To Self-Destruct] and so on, but Master of Puppets is obviously next.” Master of Puppets is expected to be remastered for advanced sound quality and will be released in many formats, including a deluxe box set.

In other news, Metallica and the San Francisco Giants are also auctioning off James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett’s guitars they used for the baseball team’s latest ‘Metallica Night’ celebration. The guitar duo used the custom Giants axes to perform the National Anthem on Aug. 7.

Proceeds will benefit the Buster & Kristen Posey Fund for Pediatric Cancer at the V Foundation and the Giants Community Fund. Jerseys, bats, balls and much more are also being auctioned off.

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