The latest Metallica and Megadeth mash-up from YouTube user The Taskmaster brilliantly combines Metallica’s deep ‘Master of Puppet’s cut ‘Disposable Heroes’ and Megadeth’s ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,’ off their 1990 album ‘Rust in Peace,’ into Metallideth's 'Disposable Holy War Heroes.' Check it out in the player above.

The slickly done mash-up uses the vocals and music from both tracks and interweaves the two in a genius way. Meanwhile, the video for the track uses footage from Megadeth’s official clip for ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due’ and other various footage from the two band’s long careers.

The Taskmaster has gained quite a lot of media attention over the past few months with his unique Megatallica and Metallideth mash-ups as well as others including fusing Judas Priest and Iron Maiden into Judas Maiden and Iron Priest. There are even Megatallica t-shirts now available here.

There are a ton of mash-ups on The Taskmaster’s YouTube page including ‘Sandman Symphony,’ which uses Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ and Megadeth’s “Syumphony of Destruction,’ ‘Welcome My Darkest Hour,’ a combination of Metallica’s ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ and Megadeth’s ‘In My Darkest Hour,’ and ‘The Shortest Youth,’ which uses ‘The Shortest Straw’ and ‘Youthanasia.’

For more, check out The Taskmaster’s Facebook page or YouTube site here.

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