Before he joined , bassist played with a lot of other bands and musicians including Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy Osbourne, Infectious Grooves and others. Trujillo recently sat down with for an extensive interview. Watch part one above and parts two and three below.

In the interview, Trujillo talks about working with a lot of different and unique personalities over the years, and explains how he deals with them. Trujillo said, "At a very young age, with my family situation and my dad, who I am still very tight with… it was funny, 'cause in my situation with him, we always had a good relationship, [but] I was always very careful not to cross him. So in my band situations, I was always very careful how not to cross certain members. Because band members can fly off the handle, especially in the situation that some of them were in, whether it was drug issues, drinking, whatever it was… There was a lot of stuff going down, and you had to be cool."

And while Zakk Wylde is one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet in rock, Trujillo reveals that back when they were both in Ozzy's band, the guitarist would lose his cool once in a while. He explained, "I mean, someone like Zakk, he would snap. He would kind of switch right in front of your eyes. So you always had to be careful with these people. And that's part of the journey, and I think with that, I adopted patience and respect. I learned how to deal with people and their personalities the best way that I can, and could, in these different situations."

Trujillo also spoke about the documentary he is working on about bassist Jaco Pastorius and how he got involved in the project after meeting Jaco's son and others wanting to make a movie about the legendary bassist who died in 1987. A PledgeMusic campaign is underway to help finance the film for release by Record Store Day in April.

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